7 responses to “Notes from a drive”

  1. dr_strych9

    I lived in that wretched hive of scum and villainy for years. It’s one of the few parts of Southern California that still holds any charm for me.

    1. auntysocial

      I’m rather fond of it myself.

  2. hepkitten

    camera + tripod + shipyards = great pics. GO TAKE THEM

  3. tuliphead

    The Long Beach harbor where you head south and cross the tall bridges over the waterways into San Pedro is really amazing. I was visiting friends there last December, they live in LB and have studio space in a crazy crumbling mid-century modern building in San Pedro that looks north towards the harbor. The super-tall short bridges over the waterways were fascinating and at night the whole scene really is like a spaceport.

    And yeah, I wouldn’t have wanted to hang out there by myself after dark.

  4. eyeteeth

    You’re MY bean inducement

    Will you take me to the harbor some night to view the C-ships glittering off the shoulder of Orion?

    1. kafkateer

      beans beans they’re good for your hea–OH MY GOD TRUCK

      he will also show you other unbelievable things!

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