18 responses to “Experiment in herbivoracity”

  1. scythrop


    Wow, I think I could really subsist on flatbread, Arnold Palmers, and gin. Um, actually maybe I do that right now.

  2. maeve66

    I’m sort of an accidental, unintentional vegetarian pretty frequently. I like meat, but I don’t cook it that often. I guess I consume it more if I go out to eat. On the other hand… animal PRODUCTS, by which I mean dairy? Dairy I can’t do without. Today, not thinking about it: oatmeal for breakfast, tea with cream. Then black beans and rice, with queso fresco, salsa, and crema, for dinner. And some nuts and dried fruit, at some point. And grapefruit juice. Hmm. There is a conspicuous absence of actual vegetables there.

  3. mallorys_camera

    Gotta eat protein on those meatless days too!

  4. handstil

    This sounds like a good plan! Let me know if you ever want meal suggestions. Oh, since you are a good cook and stuff, I imagine you could make really inspired dishes from 101cookbooks. Stuff I look at and think “If I had less (picky) kids climbing on me I would make this.” Like this:

  5. lele

    just remember to eat more often on your veg days. that’s the trick.

  6. n_by_nw

    > I’ve decided to eat less meat and consume less animal products.

    Well, why, if I may ask? Because what you’ve said is a very different story from “I would like to eat more vegetables.”

    If you keep it at 1 vegetarian day a week, that’s no biggie. But I was a vegan for 18 months and I can tell you that trying to cut down on meat and animal products IS painful and not rewarding–UNLESS you have a compelling reason.

  7. sooz

    are you drinking veg beer?

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