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  1. snuh


  2. kafkateer

    need more info, please?

    what will the items say? what are they for, like a band or a product or what?

    1. kafkateer

      Re: need more info, please?

      it doesn’t really matter–the correct choice will always be blippo bold, obviously

  3. stimps

    Perhaps something in the Lovecraft font collection? http://www.cthulhulives.org/toybox/propdocs/propfonts.html? Lots of interesting things there. =)

  4. auntiesiannan


    1. dorothy_parka

      yuppers. that’s my suggestion too.

    2. potatohead

      ha, this makes me laugh because I type everything in garamond. apparently I’m 19th century-ish.

      1. auntiesiannan

        I have great affection for Garamond. I pimp it whenever possible.

    3. leolo

      Any time the answer is GARAMOND, it has to be right answer.

  5. scythrop

    Do you want a display font or like a book text font? Does it need to be something you already have? I think the Baskerville font family (esp. Old Face) looks fairly authentically 19th c. text. There’s also Caslon. If you want a display font you could just browse here, and if you just need a graphic, you can make a sample in your own quotation, take a screenshot and edit it down to the text in question. (May take more than one shot.)

    1. kafkateer


      agree w/ baskerville!

      1. kafkateer

        also here is a thing

        from a local bar that prides itself on, you know, nodding at period stuff:


        the link should certainly work. there’s some pirate looking font there at the top whose name i cannot remember, BUT ANYWAY this bar captivates the youngs that are not douchey youngs. also olds such as myself.

  6. alfaguru

    From my collection, these spring out:

    Engravers MT
    Book Antiqua
    Goudy Old Style

    Hope that helps.

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