22 responses to “How Green Was My Upper Middle Class”

  1. handstil

    Applause! <3

  2. nosrialleon

    Brilliant. I have nothing to add except that in your description of The Ecology you neglected to include the Italian guy dressed as an Injun chief and his single tear.

    1. nosrialleon


      As time goes on I find myself more and more in need of my Booji Boy icon to the exclusion of all the others.

  3. jamie_miller

    All of the problems caused by consumerism will be solved by more consumerism.

    1. firepower

      Oh exactly.

      And thanks for this, .

  4. sugarcollider

    Hey errybody, let’s get all the candy wraps and McFryShovels off the sidewalks so we don’t have to look at ’em anymore

    nor think about the beatings Mother earth took in order to produce them

  5. microbie

    Well done!

  6. kafkateer

    every party has its pooper

    ugh, DOWNER.

    (the message around here is use less stuff. a friend told me that if everyone did this, the economy will be shitty and people will be poor and angry forever. “less stuff” also makes the girls feel like they are worse off than their friends who all have laptops and televisions in their rooms and stuff. i can’t win)

  7. rivetpepsquad

    You mean you Americans were actually *taught* to pick up things? Ever? At all?


  8. stimps

    Erf, I remember all of this. It reminds me of the “let’s get multicultural with our Quebecois friends!” stuff we did in school. Boy, were we surprised that not everyone wanted to be pals. Then again, I was surprised when Bugs Bunny gravity didn’t work, either.

  9. advorpt

    Ah yes. Green, as in the color of what it takes to maintain this current…lifestyle.

  10. torgo_x

    Granted, so we’re a swarm SPECIES and we’ve
    got this PLANET
    that we’re fucking up, and doing this
    will actually kill
    us and possibly even kill
    all of us, yeah blah blah blah


    So… let’s go get some tacos, who’s hungry?
    Oh wait, everyone soon. (Except people in the US,
    making sure of that. (Unless you’re poor.))

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