9 responses to “Washington Boulevard, Whittier to Downtown: Photoessay”

  1. nosrialleon


    “Ball of Cotton, Inc”

  2. kafkateer

    these are great! did the entire street get developed at the same time? a lot of the architecture looks similar

  3. microbie

    Great photos! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. purejuice
  5. stimps

    Lovely. My brain fills in so much… I want to say colours, but really, I see the intentions of the people who were there.

  6. besskeloid

    This set looks how a Swell album sounds.

  7. leolo

    Like something from a William Gibson or Bruce Sterling novel.

    Wait. I mean the other way around.

  8. mcpino

    Nice shots, ‘tute.

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