6 responses to “I’m just saying.”

  1. pigglet27


    I would have guessed anything BUT.

  2. anaisdjuna

    They just need a video of the definitely non-homo-erotic turkish oil wrestling. Where very, very,straight, manly turkish men don leather pants and oil themselves up and wrestle until one not at all latent homosexual man grabs the balls of the other not at all afraid of his feelings towards men’s balls in a completely, absolutely not homo-erotic way.

    1. nightynight

      My husband got a turkish massage. He said they beat the shit out of him and threw him around the room.

  3. dr_strych9

    “They are all intended for straight men.”

    One imagines that your local Queer Nation chapter shops on the Internet like the rest of us.

  4. jonpants

    Yum yum!

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