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  1. darkuncle

    save a window group

    I am similarly OCD about my terms. I have 9 desktops set in spaces, and desktops 4 and 5 are for terms. desktop 4 has 4 100×24 terms, and desktop 5 has 2 100×48 terms with 4 tabs a piece (lots of use of screen as well, etc.)

    Once I got my font, transparency, colors, etc. all set the way I wanted, I saved those settings as a default (Terminal -> preferences). Then I opened up all the terms I typically use, in their proper sizes and locations, and when everything was set, did “terminal -> window -> save windows as group …” and checked “use window group when terminal starts”.

    this doesn’t exactly solve your resize-to-the-wrong-size issue, but I had the same problem myself initially, and solved it by simply having two sets of terms – an 80×25-ish set that stays that size, and a larger set that’s suitable for writing code or scrolling logs, etc. I end up doing more of my work in the larger 100×48 set, now that I’ve discovered tabbed terminals.

    you probably knew most of this already, but maybe the thought process will be helpful.

  2. jpeace

    Why don’t you *quiver* file a bug report with Apple?



    oh god *drops dead*

  3. n_by_nw

    Don’t touch that!

    Respected Sir,

    I cannot answer your question. However, I will say this: the little green button is not a “maximize” button–on this point the Gods themselves agree. But what *is* it? No one knows. Don’t use the little green button if you value your sanity, sir.

    Yours, etc.


  4. rpkrajewski

    Hmm, works fine for me here if I resize a window to 80×24, hit the green button twice, then I get 80×24 again.

    Could it be the font? Try Menlo Regular, which is the Apple-tweaked version of Vera Sans Mono in Snow Leopard. I also like to tighten up the spacing a little: Character Spacing at 0.88, and Line Spacing at 0.96.

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