11 responses to “Motorcycle club fear”

  1. jakeinhartsel

    Maybe he just wanted to scare the crap out of you.

  2. anaisdjuna

    Hopefully he’s not a scout leader!

  3. leolo

    I suspect that biker wears it all the time.

    There seems to be a large overlap between “macho tough guy” and “boy.” Like this chrome mask. Or gangstas dressed like pre-schoolers.

  4. skepticle

    The Real Answer: he just got that skull mask! and his second cousin’s wife’s nephew made it for him.


  5. hepkitten

    i have done a lot of thinking on this. pretty sure you saw that one superhero with the flaming skull. he just shut off his flames for awhile. i guess it must get hot if your head is on fire right?

  6. torgo_x

    Harley joke

    Orthodox rabbi to Reform rabbi: “One of my congregants says his son wants a Harley for his bar mitzvah. What’s a Harley?” Reform rabbi to Orthodox rabbi: “A Harley is a motorcycle. What’s a bar mitzvah?”

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