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  1. mallorys_camera

    This is so brilliant it gives me actual chills.

  2. maps_or_guitars

    The king is dead, the heir is an imbecile, the rich rule the day while everyone else scrabbles in the muck? PARTAY.

    Sounds familiar.

  3. leolo

    The concept of mega-churches fills me with horror.

  4. purejuice

    i love this post, and meditations on highway flotsam in general. thank you.
    god’s regent in whittier, California!!! hee hee.

  5. capn_jil

    WRGGHHH man that fuckin piano jesus started autoplaying on the link adn i remembered this time when i was a kid. we were at church and the choir was up front and after the service my folks were upset that the choir was in the front, because apparently historically lutheran churches stowed the choir in the loft to keep people focused on the glory of god instead of on earthly, ego-based b.s.

    as a militant taoist i am disinclined to church, but in the era of the megachurch that heated discussion on the way home from our little frame church sticks with me and i get grossed out by society in like five ways at once. stuff is really fucked up sometimes.

    ps im glad youre posting agiain!

  6. dr_strych9

    Taking my cryptanalytic decoder ring to the RCCI statements of beliefs, I see no reason to believe they aren’t one of the many, many branches of the New Apostolic Reformation cult that is openly operating as a theomantical regency.

  7. torgo_x


    Courtly rumor has the doctors saying that the boy has got Asperger’s,
    and that the father has aphasia. Pass it on!

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