5 responses to “My Holiday Wish For All, Damnit”

  1. besskeloid

    Thank you for yet another injection of sense & perspective.

    (I read part of the first sentence as “the wasabi bowl”)

  2. purejuice

    i once knew a guy who was in recovery and who, when life got very difficult fell back on his original addiction, which entailed jail bait and trade so rough it was life-threatening.
    he needed to avoid these things, and he is the one who taught me that when you start talking back to the TV it’s time to turn it off.
    your #1 is one of the, if not the, secret(s) of modern life. i have a 12 days of unchristmas post i recycle every once in a while and my #1 is no downers. i think this qualifies.
    thanks and happy hols.

  3. maps_or_guitars

    You, sir,

    make me happy about the day I set up my EllJay account.

    And you do it all the time. Thank you.

  4. taskboy3000

    Arguments-as-a-contest is the worst possible meme to have developed. Plato/Socrates used arguments in a more constructive way.

    Maybe in a few thousand more years, we’ll lose that part of our monkey brains that seeks only to throw poo at/rape opponents.

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