7 responses to “In which my writing may be found elsewhere”

  1. handstil

    First dibs on an Empires in Decline track suit! Butt text?

  2. springheel_jack

    What you describe is also how the blogosphere works

    1. maps_or_guitars

      I am often told that the road to musical heaven is licensing. I’ll be delighted to soundtrack your EiD radio, TV and internet ads.

  3. nosrialleon

    Relevant (and in my mind, hilarious) comment awaiting moderation…

  4. loose_joints

    As usual sir, you do excellent work. I’ve seen Affliction t-shirts up here worn by actual heroin addicts who steal them at Nordstroms for $150.00. Also antic (small a intentional) is a big one.

    In a weird way, I prefer the OC’s honest pretentiousness to the kind one finds up here. But you’ve heard that rant before, no doubt.

  5. nightynight

    I, too, am guest-blogging on Iced Borscht! Hurrah! *applause*

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