10 responses to “Pre holiday work email hilarity”

  1. stimps

    haahahaha omg total tea dispersal system

  2. stimps

    Aaaaand I just noticed the new icon. BWAHAHAHA SHIT cannot breathe

  3. chrissmari


  4. maps_or_guitars


    Tofucken might actually be a whole porn subgenre, but I’m not googling it at work.

    1. sugarcollider

      Or a German metal band that also write their own porn music. And produce porn.

      1. maps_or_guitars

        Silly! There’s no umlauts.

  5. advorpt

    Hahahahahaaaa! I just choked on my own spit.

  6. handstil

    BAHHAHA, meeee toooo.

  7. lele


  8. catamorphism

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