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  1. nosrialleon

    I’m actually somewhat relieved to be sick, as for the first time in many years, I was to attend a Halloween party tonight…

  2. kasheri

    All true. But I try to bear in mind that it’s not a universal truth. My receptionist is currently dressed as Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd. I have a female friend who dressed as Cthulhu. makes a mask each year, always something thoroughly odd simply drawn from his own, tortured imagination. People ask him, “What are you supposed to be?” and he simply says, “One of these.” The pleasures of Pandemonium can remain free of the rape overtones even among adults. It may still make you uncomfortable, but gather ye rosebuds where ye may.

  3. eris_devotee

    I mostly hate it when people choose any costume, instead of holiday-appropriate costumes. What the fuck does being a cute bee have to do with Halloween? Not a freakin thing.

    Dress as something scary, or something evil. Dress as something magical or mythical, that ALSO has ties to the underworld. Dress as someone who is DEAD.

    But puh-LEASE put away the fireman, nurse & french maid costumes – unless you are a ZOMBIE nurse or a ZOMBIE fireman.

    Just because something is a *costume* doesn’t make it a Halloween costume.

    1. handstil

      I don’t do adorable or sexy for Halloween, it’s fun because it’s EVIL, dammit.

      I even make my kids choose scary stuff! No Transformers or baseball players in this house, thankyouverymuch.

      1. kasheri

        That would probably lead to open revolt in my household. I was not brave enough to stand between my preschool daughters and their princess dresses. All hail Disney, usurper of youthful imaginations!

      2. eris_devotee

        My proudest mommy moment:

        When my daughter was 3 (she is now 18), my daughter told me she wanted to be a witch for Halloween. She was obsessed with Wizard of Oz at the time, so bracing myself for a request for a Glenda costume, I asked her “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?”. She responded, “Oh mama, I am a bad witch. A very very bad witch.”

        Touched my heart, it did.

  4. handstil

    I’m really freaked out by how early this starts, dude.

  5. douglain

    Isn’t Halloween a holiday for kids?

    My kids are dressing up as:

    Santa Claus
    Indiana Jones
    The Angel of Death
    A Boobah

    Two of those costumes scare me.

  6. chthonicsiren

    Though I’m right in the demographic that tends to dress like this, I’ve truly never understood its appeal. Which I guess is because I don’t see these outfits as sexy in the least. They just seem… histrionic, and kind of desperate.

  7. mr_flippant

    out of step

    Reasons why the gf is awesome

  8. tpulley

    What’s the message? Men are rapists and women are their victims.

    I was sold on that message way, way before hitting puberty at an authoritarian matriarch middle school. Unlike being yelled at by a woman groping her breasts for the crime of being a boy, women are totally free to not wear a sexy costume if they don’t want to.

    Some women like to feel sexy because it gives them power over men or grabs their attention. Not nearly as much power as sexually horrifying a captive audience of children, but power all the same.

    As for people knowing what roles they’re taking on… that’s the crux of being personally responsible for oneself as an adult.

    not trying to be a jerk, just had $.02 burning a hole in my pocket

  9. all_unnecessary

    It’s a terrible night for rape crisis counsellors, lemme tell you. I worked at one in SB and on that weekend and on what they call Fiesta weekend (in August?) we received the highest number of calls (both counseling calls and meet-ups with the cops at the emergency room). Isla Vista was particularly bad.

    These days Santa Cruz is getting stabby along with the pimpy and the hoey. I stay in.

  10. gths

    The do I went to last year (yeah I know I’m Australian, we had a party anyway) we did the classic horror thing. I went as a very unconvincing Dracula – though I did have a rad cape made up for it.

    Also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4rUiV_Hh74

  11. sooz

    my costume rules.

  12. taskboy3000

    Didn’t Star Trek explain this one?

    Halloween is a FESTIVAL! FESTIVAL! Wherein adults “pretend” to transgress social boundaries. I think most of it is harmless, even healthy play acting. However, there are those that go too far.

    Sex and violence are potent forces and even the best of us need to learn how to recognize and integrate both of these forces into our psyches. If dressing up as a whore/pirate aids that process, why complain?

    The separation between reality and fantasy should be clear in the healthy adult mind. I wouldn’t want to get puritanical about costumes until a few other pressing social issues are contained.

    1. besskeloid

      Re: Didn’t Star Trek explain this one?

      transgress social boundaries.
      You’re not really doing that unless you’re dressed up when there isn’t a festival on.

  13. nightynight

    My colleague is going as ‘evolution’. Her husband is going as a dinosaur. She will be a fish with legs. Ha!

  14. capn_jil

    the lack of consciousness re: this is hell of depressing.

    halloween is time for the dead. this year’s skeleton iteration was particularly satisfying all riding down the street yelling IIIIIM INSIDE OF YOU ALL!! AND IM SMILIN!! IM SMILIN!!!!. now i am sick and will not be partying but i think that is okay, the concept of halloween as also a time for quiet contemplation is something that is worth considering. i think.

  15. monochromatism

    Last year I was a black hole. Two years ago I was Jem (of Jem and the Holograms). Before that, I was always a vampire. Actually, one year I was a cow, but that was unfortunate. I don’t think I’ve ever been a slutty anything.

  16. plwcdi

    Yea, not for nuns show some respect, but hay Whats wrong with a women with a hot body who want to show it off. http://sluttyhalloweencostumes.org/

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