12 responses to “Attractive, articulate, multicultural clip art people are spying on us all.”

  1. miss_geek

    I’m thinking about the “power of that” and I don’t think I’ll be getting any sleep.

  2. jpeace

    These alleged human beings and the members of this organization need to be exterminated. I mean literally strung up from lampposts so we can watch their rotting flesh drip off.

  3. srl

    see something? say something.

    This is a perfect time to read Chris Capozzola’s Uncle Sam Wants You, of which there’s a short article excerpt here, on (his phrase) “coercive voluntarism” and the US in World War I. It’ll sound more familiar to you than you might think.

  4. taskboy3000

    Snarking was never so hip

    I’m on the fence about this. On the one hand, I support citizens being part of their own defense. On the other, this feels like the start of Brown Shirts. I’m not even sure I can articulate a clearer message: report obviously wrong things, but don’t be a d-bag.

    1. perich

      Re: Snarking was never so hip

      I can clear that up for you: reporting everything you’re uncertain about to law enforcement isn’t “being part of [one’s] own defense.” It’s outsourcing common sense.

  5. perich

    quoting 30 rock here:

    “If You Suspect Anything, Do Everything.”

  6. maps_or_guitars

    Wow. I’ll totally be replaying and replaying Burroughs’s thanksgiving prayer over and over this year. “Thanks for a country where nobody’s allowed to mind his
    own business. Thanks for a nation of FINKS.”

  7. leolo

    That was a joke, right? A parody? Please

  8. eris_devotee

    that’s… serious?

    and it’s the police department that is putting it out?

    ::rendered speechless::

  9. createdestiny

    Holy crap that is creepy!

  10. douglain


    I liked the Security State better before Obama took office.

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