15 responses to “Bet you’d live here if you could and be one of us”

  1. e_compass_rosa

    Oh my.

  2. sugarcollider

    In better times there were the Cristal enemas.

  3. odradak

    Oh god it’s terrible.

    I think half of them bought condos up here.

  4. rpkrajewski

    Truly, the Go-Gos were prophets.

    1. spacemummy

      And excellent hair

      I read the line and had to think back. Way back. Yea, the Go-Gos. Wait, didn’t they open for Black Flag?

  5. purejuice

    jsoi from .

  6. rum_holiday

    But…the stars on his head match the cake!!!

  7. hepkitten


  8. kasheri

    I can not help but to notice that among those photographed there does not appear to be even one single person whom I could tolerate.

  9. sooz

    mmm sutra.

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