7 responses to “In Praise of Death Panels: A Modest Proposal”

  1. mcpino

    The encased meat analogy is not inappropriate.

    I hate to say what my shoulder surgery is costing me – even with insurance. As an outpatient.

    Bankruptcy is a possible option.

  2. autodidactic


  3. stimps

    This is great. I love the sausage factory analogy.

  4. nightynight

    I have to tell you I so flummoxed by the nuances of the debate on health care in the US right now. Totally confused.

    I think a deeply litigious society will be unable to economically endure universal health care.

  5. taskboy3000

    The solution

    Clearly the problem the GOP and its supports have with government-run death panels is that the government runs them. Where are the massive protests by Teabaggers and Birthers about private insurance run death panels? Insurance companies regularly deny coverage to their customers, but where is the right wing outage about it?

    So the solution is simple: privatize the death panels. Market forces will ensure that only the lowlest cost, most efficient death panels survive, right? I’m mean, private health insurance is so much more effective that public programs like the VA and Medicare. Oh wait, they aren’t.

    We live in a nation of ignorance, superstition and fear.

  6. sooz

    “insert anti-abortion statement here”

  7. georgia1313

    Wonderful arguement! You’re an intelligent creature.

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