14 responses to “Hello my internet friends”

  1. hydrozoa

    i [only] want to read about important things.

  2. hoyvenmayven


  3. pauldeman2pt0

    O hai.

    Plz to be posting tldr as soon as possible kthnx!11!11

  4. chthonicsiren

    I would like to SHARE WITH YOU

  5. jpeace


  6. mcpino

    gud u lives.

  7. handstil

    I know you live for my shared items; celebrity rehab/meltdowns and madonnas sinewy arms, etc. <3

  8. drieuxster

    is there a way to make a link per item in google share?

    It would be nice if there were a linkable point for each entry that gets shared, so that we can refer individually to things like the oath takers, great take that! So that it is not just to the shared space.

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