12 responses to “Delicious LiveJournal Links for 7-5-2009”

  1. springheel_jack

    Knowledge of the existence, function, and activity of Guy Kawasaki is something I feel worse for having.

    1. switchstatement

      that guy represents almost everything that is wrong and bad regarding the internet.

    2. besskeloid

      He’s not fit to lick Kendo Nagasaki’s boots.

  2. dreamyshade
  3. dmlaenker

    Oh, charismatic megafauna, you are the death of us all. It would be great if we could invest conservation efforts into pivotal threatened species and habitats, but alas, the public impetus is usually to save cute species that generally either don’t want our help (pandas) or don’t need it (dolphins).

    It’s cool to see experts discussing genuine problems within environmental movements. Less cool, however, is laymen arguing against carbon reduction because they don’t understand science. It seems like the latter happens a lot more often.

  4. uncleanton

    That vervephoto blog is incredible.

  5. nosrialleon

    Twitter is twitting the shark in a big way with assholes like that.

  6. kafkateer

    you have the BEST links, conrad. half the “omg i heard the most interesting thing today!” convos that i have with chuck are about your links.

    and whoa! that kawasaki guy, i am SO GLAD i have never heard of him! i don’t even want to wiki him, because i think it will just make him GROW AND GROW

    1. eyeteeth

      He’s like Freddy Krueger, the only way to destroy him is to make yourself believe he doesn’t even exist and can’t hurt you.

      1. leolo

        He’s just a marketing dork. How dangerous can he be?

  7. capn_jil

    slab city. holy shit.

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