9 responses to “Dear Lazyweb: Safari tips?”

  1. odradak

    The Developer kit is useful, you get a kind of Firebug type dealy. Apart from that, I haven’t really needed anything else. Aced the Acid 3 test, obscenely fast, elegant and groovy.

    That said, I want my fucking progress bar back.

  2. jpeace

    It crashes on me and I hate it. Other than that it’s an exquisite browser that needs and accepts no particular hand-holding.

    1. baconmeteor

      Any chance the crashes are Flash-related? Flash has a kind of kamikaze relationship with Safari. You may get relief by upgrading to whatever the latest flash version is if you don’t have that already.

      1. jpeace

        Nah, it seems to crash at sporadic locations that have nothing to do with plugins. And I’ve manually updated the Flash before. I’m just going to let it lie there; my life is too short.

  3. baconmeteor

    SafariBlock makes me happy. Also be sure to turn off Java; there is an unpatched exploit.

  4. Anonymous

    get ClickToFlash


    You can download the installer lower down on that page. That’s the only one I use at all I think but it’s kind of a lifesaver–you need to click to load any flash content (you can whitelist sites.) All of a sudden the tubes are unclogged.

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