6 responses to “DADS ‘N’ GRADS!!!!!!”

  1. eyeteeth

    If it makes you feel any better (though I don’t see why it should), your wrath on this particular topic and indeed on most topics that make you wrathful is always refreshing to me.

  2. nightynight

    Yeah. You know it’s not the existence of Father’s day that bothers me, it’s the shallow nature of everything associated with it. I wish my dad were still alive so I could tell him the thousand ways that I miss him. Instead of buying him a card going “har! har! dad you’re a bumbling fool but gee i sure do love ya!”

  3. anaisdjuna

    You are so smart! The college thing is just a formality. You’re smarter than lots of grads I know. Lots!

    Ouch that hurts about your dad. My dad blows giant jerk chunks and father’s day sucks every year; so I hear ya.

  4. smallstages

    We should get together and start our own greeting card company.

    1. handstil

      Happy Fuck American Greetings Day!

  5. violet_fade

    I feel the exact same way about Mother’s Day. I didn’t finish college either,and I don’t need some crappy greeting card to validate it!

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