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  1. kafkateer

    Based on my limited and indirect association with the state prison system and the associated guilt from that, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be part of the arms industry.

  2. srl

    I can totally see this. My dad’s a career Lockheed guy, hired during the time when you didn’t need a college education to work there. He’s the working-class-made-good variant of one of the guys you see near your office. The union he bitched about paying dues to (IAMAW) helped me go to college and get out.

  3. catamorphism

    My last job (the one I left after two months), I got asked during the interview how I felt about quote “putting lead on target”. I think the people at that company knew exactly what they were involved in.

    1. capn_jil

      how I felt about quote “putting lead on target”.


  4. sooz

    you and i have had this conversation before.. :)

    first.. i think a lot of people drive closer to the beach for lunch or eat from the trucks that come by.

    second… there are a variety of folks who jusify their jobs in different means.. like Denny was pretty apolitical and was just excited to work with the best and new toys in the world. he was programming the satelites that find the babbies to kill them.

    then the crew of raytheon people i knew.. the girl in accounting was stoked because she was like american fuck ya and thought she was protecting the country. the guy that helped program missles.. well he was just exctied to have a job and ended up leaving.. then there was the guy who pretended not to care and you could tell it really did bum him out, but he wanted to make six figures soooo bad. soooo bad. i think he eventually decided it wasn’t worth it.

    the boeing people like to consider themselve further removed because they are just doing plane stff and commercial enterprises use them too.

    there are all sorts of people in the world.. those who want money are a driving factor for the defense business.

  5. capn_jil

    Maybe a few more reminders will help me change?

    i hope so

    i am a dork but the right livelihood part of the eightfold path seems like a bigger deal now that industrialization and globalization can separate us physically from the stuff you talking about. frown

  6. threepunchstuff

    I used to read the livejournal of a girl who worked for the State Department under Rice. Her job was part of the “public diplomacy” initiative led by Bush/Cheney campaign operative Karen Hughes. And her justifications always came around to the one time she wrote a proposal for a grant, which was ultimately denied, which would have allocated some aid money for Egypt to repair the ferries that cross the Suez, a few months before one of them capsized and killed a bunch of people.

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