11 responses to “hey internet, want to hear about my day?”

  1. hepkitten

    this is all terrible. my condolences my friend. some days it just seems like everything is a writeoff.

  2. e_compass_rosa

    Sorry about bummer day, but thanks for the unintentional reminder that I need to listen to the Minutemen someday soon. It’s been way too long.

  3. besskeloid

    *rubs your head better*

  4. nosrialleon

    Sorry for teh suck.

    Look out for that food processor. Now that it’s tasted human blood it may etc etc etc.

  5. dr_strych9

    “I have always been kind to the food processor and I don’t understand this kind of random, senseless violence.”

    Read this comic book and it will all become clear.

  6. autodidactic

    “Boy this drug test thing sure is stupid!”

    Ain’t it, though?

    Also: I figured you for someone smart enough to work at Skynet.

  7. stimps

    I feel the way you do about your food processor about my elbow.

    Sorry about your crappy day. I’d really rather have one big get-it-over-with thing happen than a bunch of little ones. At least you write well about them, though. =)

  8. handstil

    what a horrible day! yeesh.
    I hope that today you will have kittens and cupcakes.

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