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  1. hepkitten

    this is such a good post!

  2. catamorphism

    But it’s not only as bad as every other murder. It’s worse, because what’s at stake is millions of women’s autonomy.

    What I’m trying to say is, lack of access to abortion is a concrete issue people can do something about. Or if you’d rather work on reducing the number of cars on the road so fewer people die in car accidents, or limiting the number of guns in circulation so fewer people get shot, that’s cool too. But turning it all into a general statement of “murder is bad” is paralyzing.

    1. kafkateer



      this was an assassination. and while all murder is regrettable, dr tillman’s murder will have a profound effect on many women.

  3. jakeinhartsel

    I agree with you with respect to murder, but let us not stop there how about the people that die from the lack of medical care, the people that die of starvations and those that are killed by idiots behind the wheels of cars.


  4. capn_jil

    you have a good soul, internet man.

  5. kafkateer

    Maybe I just wasn’t pissed enough in the ’90s, and maybe I just didn’t notice that it was just as bad back then, but I really don’t like how the public discourse, at least in some quarters, has backslid to the point where it’s okay for some people to be ambivalent about a doctor being shot by a religious zealot, or that we have a “debate” about whether it’s okay to torture people.

    Fucked without the rule of law indeed.

    1. leolo

      Blame Reagan for stiring up the Religious Right.

  6. smallstages

    I don’t know — the way I read your post the first time (before the comments above were made) made total sense to me.

    Dr. Tiller’s murder was awful, obviously. But all around me (literally) are senseless murders — yes, street murders — that are seldom commented on even within my high-crime community, seldom considered by folks who live in “safe” neighborhoods (i.e., neighborhoods that are not holding pens for the dislocated or for those who are maligned in other ways by a government that not only fails them but clearly oppresses them).

    I’m surprised to see folks agreeing with

  • kasheri

    Thanks for putting plainly that Tiller’s death was “explicitly religious and terrorist in intent.” That is not being honestly presented in broadcast news, and that upsets me as it seems to indicate tacit approval.

  • loose_joints

    Taking the life of another without permission, is a tragedy. In recent NPR broadcast I heard quite a number of people who identified as pro-life with regard to abortion, denounce this killing as antithetical to their beliefs. It was heartening.

    On the flip side, I hope that some good can come out of this death. Perhaps both sides of the abortion debate can stop foaming with self-righteousness long enough to open up a dialogue. Maybe I live in a fools paradise to believe this possible.

    However, the deaths of all of the people in the link you provided, are equally tragic. I am dumbfounded at the idea that taking Dr. Tiller’s life is somehow more objectionable then the taking of any other of lives listed in the LA Times body count blog. I honestly don’t get it. Why is intentional killing of one person is more acceptable than the intentional killing of another? I’m not being snide or glib here. I really do not understand.

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