12 responses to “Joliet Prison and 99 years”

  1. halfjack

    Ah popular democracy, where it’s Right and Just for ten guys to lynch the other nine.

  2. dr_strych9

    Technically, I think you want to use the word “revise” instead of “amend” there. My apologies if this comes off as nitpicking. Please chalk it up to me still being in a bad mood over Proposition H8 and not yet managing to claw my way out of the lashing-out-at-friends stage of my coping strategy.

  3. dr_strych9

    I’ll not argue about whether our already fucked-up constitution has yet reached its up-fucking limit. I’m trying not to think about ways it could be further up-fucked, because I know that’ll only make me even more unstable.

  4. jactitation

    I don’t think it’s good or right but to paraphrase John Cusak’s critique towards the end of Grosse Pointe Blank), “Which America are we talking about? Because history…”

  5. eyeteeth

    Just hurr, is all. It’s coming, but no one should have to be patient about civil rights.

  6. kafkateer

    I prefer not to think of today as a defeat, but rather as the First Annual Mormon Cockpunch Day.

  7. kasheri


    You know, I really try to understand the argument in favor of Prop 8, just to be able to knowledgeably refute it. But the whole thing makes my head hurt and leaves me nauseated. It’s discrimination, pure and simple! I do what I do with enthusiasm and dedication because I’m opposed to discrimination. So here I am, a state employee, utterly disgusted with my state. Feh. Bah. Where the hell is my Effexor?

  8. taskboy3000

    A word from Massachusetts

    My state legalized gay marriage and it’s been NOTHING BUT TROUBLE! There have been riots, fires and fountains of fetid blood shooting out at odd angles. Hetero marriages have all dissolved and children wander the street aimlessly. Wide-spread misery!

    Oh, wait. None of that has happened. I guess allowing same-sex marriages HAS NO MATERIAL EFFECT ON THOSE NOT PRINCIPAL TO THE UNION.

    I heard some tard on the radio say “[gay marriage] will always been weird.” I thought the Barrimore/Green marriage was pretty messed up, but I didn’t get to vote on it.

    California: building a bridge to the nineteenth century.

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