11 responses to “bad idea license plate”

  1. von_doom

    He’s a muslin magnate.

  2. kafkateer

    He could be from Italy, I guess. Large demographics of people over there miss ol’ wacky Duce. You can buy Benito Mussolini cooking aprons in front of the Leaning Tower.

  3. maps_or_guitars

    Wow. That guy’s going to get kicked out of the douchebag club for being too big a douchebag.

  4. fatalfloor

    How to get rear ended by a 90 year old vet

    or perhaps by this dude?

    1. fattmike

      His other car’s plate is IMANAH :)

  5. wanderingaengus

    What? People don’t like Italians in the textile industry?

  6. threepunchstuff

    Now I’m craving a bowl of muslini with almond milk.

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