8 responses to “grawk”

  1. springheel_jack

    That happened to me once. I mean, I wasn’t climbing the Eiger or whatever the fuck that guy is doing, but mobbed by seagulls who wanted me dead, yeah. They’re complete assholes very protective of their nests.

  2. dmlaenker

    People who romanticize seagulls have obviously never lived by the sea or even seen one for more than 30 seconds at a time. Disgusting, wicked animals.

  3. kerebearus

    This is my nightmare.

  4. vanbeast

    jesus christ it’s a seagull get in the car

  5. jpallan

    She loooks at her as if to say
    The day is done
    It’s time to find their shelter

    Hidden in the dunes

    And fall asleep the
    Music of the moon
    You and me

    Lesbian seagull, O fly with me lesbian seagull

  6. stimps

    The bird in the front made me sing HELLO MY BABY HELLO MY HONEY HELLO MY RAGTIME GAL out loud.

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