27 responses to “What’s your pleasure, sir?”

  1. anarqueso

    Want breakfast on Friday? I don’t have to work until 11.

  2. catamorphism

    I think it’s probably healthier to not have the “someone is WRONG on the Internet!” reaction so long as it doesn’t involve becoming completely apathetic.

  3. mcfnord

    the WHO CARES trigger is quick-fire in 2009. choose your battles. actually i think this makes online living better. but it does seem quieter.

  4. halfjack

    Aluminium. Because it burns.

    1. kafkateer

      sodium, ditto

    2. berg74

      I’ve never heard that I know that zinc and magnesium burn and the smoke can be toxic

  5. capn_jil

    i think not giving a damn is good. stopped giving an e-damn lately and its like ahhhhh how delightful

    favorite nonferrous metal today is: MAGNESIUM!

  6. stimps

    I’ve been in the “can’t be bothered” phase for a few years now. The only really bothersome thing intarweb wise is that I don’t really get to talk to all of my online friends as much as I used to. How can one miss IRC?!

    My favourite nonferrous metal is titanium, because it goes from looking really shiny to looking greyish then almost black over time. HJ’s and my wedding rings started off being like this to a blackish tinge now, and eventually they apparently go blacker. Pretty neat!

  7. kiteflier98

    I think I’ve gotten less likely to pipe up because I feel like it makes so little difference. There are plenty of idiots out there that will never listen, so I try to stick with people that seem interested.

  8. jpeace

    Aluminum. Every time you use some, Australia gets a little smaller.

  9. frozenrhino

    Judas Priest.

  10. jakeinhartsel

    I would go with mercury.


  11. dr_strych9

    My vote is better-tuned brain, though I suspect another explanation is possible: the evil-stupid aspect is hardening itself against small-scale attack.

    My favorite nonferrous metal is probably neodymium, because A) it’s freaking everywhere, B) almost nobody knows it’s name.

  12. hotelsamurai

    Sodium, because of the way it reacts when you drop a chunk in water.

  13. nightynight

    Mercury = Beyonce

    mercury of course, because it’s poisonous and slippery and all crazy like that!

  14. mrsgreer

    Cadmium. Just Cuz

  15. tuliphead

    i too have found myself in the land of Who Gives A Shit. i personally think it’s 1) good to not get worked up; 2) good to spend less time yakking into the deja-blabspace about Who Is Right etc; 3) good to have more time to spend on Better conversations and thoughts and etc. i feel happier for it, too.

    non-ferrous metal: copper. it makes me think of my grandmother.

    1. tuliphead

      also i meant to say that if you want to have dinner thursday let me know; i’ll be working in the so.bay but am usually back up in SF by 7ish. we could go somewhere around my ‘hood, maybe.

    2. capn_jil


      im stealing this word for it is Genius

      1. tuliphead

        i wish i could claim credit for it, but that honor belongs to the esteemed Jerkcity.

        1. capn_jil

          jerkcity is so frequently the answer

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