Business Names to Reconsider

Business Names to Reconsider, originally uploaded by conradh.

…because I am nine years old, I giggled and took this picture.

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  2. studeronomy

    He can turn my key!

  3. halfjack

    Cummins/Onan is usually presented with logos abutted thus: COnan. My father worked there for forty years and a bit.

    1. capn_jil

      man that isn’t the way they havei t on the huge sign on the I-5 corridor up here!


      bigger than life

      1. halfjack

        I guess they got tired of the COnan message and opted for something even less carefully vetted.

  4. turnip

    I love that it’s factory authorized now.

  5. dr_strych9

    Affirmative. My nets have come fast upon an obstruction. My vessel is stopped and making no way through the water.

  6. petdance

    Consider also Onan Roofing in Waukegan, IL.

    Streetview is at

    Website is They promise everything to be “hand nailed.”

    Related to them is Onan Garages, who used to have a large man holding a garage: Alas, it is no more.

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