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  1. tea_cantata

    A lime? Delicious!

    1. skepticle

      sniped again!

  2. nosrialleon

    This (currently doubling as a FB note), and: this

  3. wanderingaengus

    I was killed and became the rhythm section for an afterlife band with John and George, but they didn’t like my bass playing so I got sent back.

  4. jpeace

    I had a real good sandwich.

  5. nightynight

    My theory: The Beatles are dying in descending order of talent.

    Agree or disagree?

    1. nosrialleon

      So Ringo’s next, then.

      1. nightynight

        No, that would be if it were descending order of integrity. In which case George would have gone first.

      2. nightynight

        I think McCartney’s a wanker. Just to clarify. But I am all over Abbey Road and Let it Be recently, and from what I understand everyone was pretty much checked out by then except McCartney.

        Who is a moron. I have a post about his seal hunting protest in Canada (which he staged at the same time we were evaluating our strategy in Afghanistan). McCartney’s a young soul megalomaniac.

  6. monochromatism

    Draw that lime!!

  7. mcpino

    Hold the lime –

    love isn’t always on time.

    1. tuliphead

      perhaps love needs a watch and a google calendar.

  8. catamorphism

    I killed the Beatles.

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