17 responses to “Drugstore IV: Drugstore in Space”

  1. anaisdjuna

    Gosh that’s icktastic. Good luck on all of that. This country really needs some healthcare… NOW.

  2. springheel_jack

    I was ten dollars off.

  3. miss_geek

    4 pills no insurance i would guess around 700 dollars a month.

  4. besskeloid

    That figure’s frightening.

    1. monochromatism

      Judging from my last CVS visit, I’d say $600.

      1. monochromatism

        It blows my mind that your generic costs that much, btw. WTF is the point of generics if they’re not affordable either?

  5. planetdracula

    my guess was 30/day tid x30 days and I guessed three dollars-plus per pill = 900 dollars. I did not come closest without going over and I’m out of the showcase showdown.

  6. srl

    Such pricing handily explains the street trade in ADD drugs; legal issues aside, I could totally see it being attractive for someone to sell their Adderall to pay for the other meds. Ugh.

  7. berg74

    I hate to say it but

    You should try either walmart or its big box store cosco I was sent something in the e-mail a while back that said you can use their pharmacy and still get you medication cheep. You should look into it.

  8. sp0rk0

    Fuck that shit, jesus.

  9. slutbunwalla

    They’ll give you a generic of a drug if it’s available. It’s cheaper usually, and it’s the same stuff, just not brand name. Check out the specs, look for the actual pharmaceutical names of the contents of the pill and it will should be the same.
    It’s the same as if you get waldryl instead of benadryl, still 25 milligrams of diphenhydramine. Exact same stuff, just not paying for the fancy brand name.

  10. jakeinhartsel

    Yes, but think of it in a positive way. You are helping pay the drug companies’ CEOs bonuses. Maybe if you are lucky they will hire you to clean their pools.

    Or you could contact Limburger, he probably has some pills laying around.


  11. kasheri

    I love S.F. It is my favorite city. Have a wonderful time. Oh, and I like your brain.

  12. stimps

    The last time I sat down and figured out the price of my meds, I got something around 700 bucks, but that was a few years ago. Wark wark! I hope you readjusted your pharmacist (tightened his screws/attached a few prongs/bats up the ass).

  13. feisty_robot

    we have no medical plan in any sense in my country

    Why do you want to destroy America with socialism, you horrible little liberal? Don’t you know there’s a war on?!?

  14. pbd

    For that kind of money, you and Bob should take a trip to Mexico and stock up.

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