6 responses to “Delicious LiveJournal Links for 3-6-2009”

  1. planetdracula

    Sardine blog ripping off what is still the greatest zine in existence, Sardine Magozine

    which you seriously need all the back issues of, 100% unadulterated genius

    1. dmlaenker

      Hey, now you know how I felt when I found out Dishwasher had become a book, and didn’t actually contain any Dishwasher back issues.

  2. sistermaryeris

    Haha.. those bird photos are hilarious.

    1. dmlaenker

      It looks like all those photos happened in roughly the same place. I’m guessing Helgoland? Northern Europe, obviously seaside, lots of German tourists and factory outlets.

  3. dmlaenker

    Scanwiches is lovely. I’m under the impression the writer is a Jewish New Yorker, or at least spends a lot of time eating a vast diversity of kosher deli meats in what is probably New York.

  4. doffy

    you win!

    All power to the birds who steal icecream!

    great presentation.(!) + + +

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