9 responses to “Dear Lazyweb: Has anyone ripped this to mp3?”

  1. mcbrennan

    I’ve got it. (I think it’s the right version, anyway)…tell me where to send it and it’s yours.

  2. halfjack

    And yet there’s that strange spike at Brutal Youth so much later when he deigns to briefly play and write with the Attractions again. Odd career.

  3. Anonymous
  4. monochromatism

    No, but lol at “Great Failure of the 1990s”

  5. snuh

    At tumblr, you’re getting more action than I usually do – good choice, thanks for making it available! I have counters set-up, you can check and see how it’s doing.

  6. fimmtiu

    Wow, you’re right — that’s really great. Anyone have an MP3 of it?

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