18 responses to “Caption Contest”

  1. caladri


  2. eris_devotee

    thought bubble:

  3. rpkrajewski

    Since a mere “NO” is too easy:

    “Here comes the judge.”

  4. studeronomy

    OMG whackamole!!!!

  5. studeronomy

    or; In Which Britney Radically Misinterprets Her Dermatologist’s Suggestion That She Have a Mole Removed, And Comedy Ensues

  6. perich

    “WARRRR-iors! Come out and PLAY-ay!”

  7. dossy

    “If I had a hammer
    I’d hammer in the morning
    I’d hammer in the evening
    All over this land
    I’d hammer out danger
    I’d hammer out a warning
    I’d hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters
    All over this land”

    1. springheel_jack

      If I had a hammer
      I’d hammer on some Jamaican slow-spin bowlers

  8. stimps


  9. the_angelmoroni

    that guy… I’m gonna hit it

  10. kellyramsey

    Who’ll be eliminated this week on… “Croquet With The Stars”?

    1. studeronomy


  11. leolo

    Was a time people couldn’t get enough of Mana Mana. Since then the birds have been doing burlesque to pay the rent.

    Also, either the aspect ratio is off, or MAN is Brittney so much sexier since she put on weight.

  12. pilarcruz

    Bitch, please.

  13. mr_flippant

    Western Exterminator Co. is in the house!

  14. mcpino


  15. dossy

    … I hit it again.
    I played with your hammer.
    Got lost in the game.”

  16. hotelsamurai

    He-e-e-ere’s Johnny!

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