13 responses to “International Whatever Luxo-Truxo Fiascomobile”

  1. miss_geek

    there were two or three of those in my mom’s neighborhood in HB when i left. not yellow though. and i never thought they were very funny. but i have a terrible sense of humor =p

  2. mcpino


  3. Anonymous

    Hey, the foreclosure crisis leaves this guy having the last laugh. He has a car… and a home!

    1. firepower


  4. gynocide

    True story: Ashton Kutcher bought one from my father when International was selling them in 2002-2003.

  5. klikitak

    There used to be one in front of Black Flys on weekends. Nick and I would walk by it and cringe when we visited second spin.

  6. dr_strych9

    This post and its comments have stolen away the very last shred of what remained of my innocence. I didn’t think I had any left whatsoever, but I was wrong. So very wrong. Thank you . For everything.

  7. ashleyisdumb

    I am assuming that is the one seen around Costa Mesa. When I worked at Juice it Up that guy would come in every so often. He said it costs him around $500 to fill up the tank.

  8. berg74

    It could come in handy if you live on a secluded frontier house in Alaska like my cousins in-laws

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