3 responses to “Hey, you know that Rich Santelli rant?”

  1. marieoroumania

    Of course it is. It stank from three miles away. These types can’t pull together something that isn’t totally square to save their lives.

    This shit, by the way, is why I’m taking a break from news. Too much of it getting forced down my craw. I never knew it was called astroturfing though, that’s funny.

    1. Anonymous

      What’s funny is that before I heard the term “astroturf” to refer to the grassroots-without-the-roots, I heard it called “crabgrass” — virulent “grassroots” that chokes everything in its path. Both terms make me smile.

      1. marieoroumania

        Ha! I’ve never heard that one before either. That’s really funny too. I love it!

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