6 responses to “Sir, this is naught but rank linksmanship.”

  1. marieoroumania

    Oh my God, I love that story about Seaview dumping all that personal information out and then the quotes from the owner. Hahahaha, that’s so awesomely sleazy OC.

  2. Anonymous

    Your Turkish synth duo is good werkin music.

  3. all_unnecessary

    Is your Atari ready for a SLOW RIDE?


    Also the album descriptions.

    (edited for poor linksmanship)

  4. kasheri

    The Trashout Squad is just the kind of thing we needed when we moved my sister-in-law. Instead, an unsuspecting maid did the job for us. Needless to say, we tipped her well.

  5. tinymammoth

    Re: branding. I remember the 1997 or 1998 “Brand You” Fast Company cover, and in those days all the execs at my workplace kept telling me how great FC was and how I had to read it. Even though I drank the dotcom Kool Aid, I could never figure out what was so great about FC. I read Forbes, which never helped me with anything but was at least nutritious.

  6. firepower

    The “Singularics” dude says “Each of these instances of the prime number based RSA algorithm can now be deciphered using Neutronic analysis”.

    Wow, really?

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