7 responses to “Suspicious thought of the day”

  1. bigsciencybrain

    That is a very good point…

    I always make my security questions obscure quotes from obscure, random movies. Or quote related so you’d really have to be inside my brain to get the reference.

    I also lock myself out of things quite frequently because I stare at my security question and think…WTF???

    1. Anonymous

  2. dreamyshade

    i was just curious where you went to elementary school. and what your first puppy’s name was. baby things are cute.

  3. rpkrajewski


    My mother’s maiden name is… DOH !

  4. handstil

    I remember a myspace bulletin getting passed around that was very “the name of your first pet” “your mother’s maiden name” and I just went “huh, wonder who will save all of these and what kind of badness will result.”

  5. firepower

    You are so fucking badass lately, .

  6. brianenigma

    In Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, the evil, corrupt gub’ment used them to match the online personas of dissidents to real-life people. In fact, I seem to recall them specifically planting certain questions to help better home in on certain key facts.

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