MEXICAN SPICE BARRIO, originally uploaded by conradh.

At the rich people market, the Mexican spices are next to the exit, with boxes piled around them.

4 responses to “MEXICAN SPICE BARRIO”

  1. auntiesiannan


    Oh wait, that’s not even Badia quality. Badia at least comes in jars!

    You can get cheap saffron in those packets though.

    1. handstil

      I buy these spices all the time when I need a spice for a recipe I don’t normally make and it’s a spice I rarely use. I don’t think they’re that bad, but I’m no spice specialist. ha

  2. dr_strych9

    At my RichPeopleMarket, they squirreled away next to Manischewitz products.

  3. Anonymous

    Arbeit Macht Refried?

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