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  1. caladri

    I have lots of books on rape, synthesis of psychoactive substances and speaking Hindi, despite having never done any of those things!

  2. Anonymous

    Orwell: Politics and the English Language
    Read this at least quarterly to remind yourself of what you’re exposed to every day.
    (tags: politics culture writing orwell language english)

    Do you really think we have time to read this? Don’t you know there are evildoers out there, who do evil because they hate our freedom? We have to defend freedom against these evildoers, these islamofascists who hate our freedom, these freedom-hating evildoers. This is why we must watch what we say and restrict where we go and what we do, to preserve our freedom from these evildoing, freedom-hating, terror-loving islamofascists.

    1. Anonymous

      Actually, that’s less an example of obfuscating simple, but bad thoughts, by using a mass of big latin words and jargon; as it is an example of batshit crazypants neoconservative-ese.

  3. hotelsamurai

    That was a pretty impactful piece by Orwell, there.

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