17 responses to “My Christmas Adventure in Temecula”

  1. marieoroumania

    Ah, Temecula, the meth capital of Riverside County! Or is it San Diego County? No matter. Hey, email me next time you’re at Starbucks and need internet, I have an account with their wi-fi service that I almost never use anymore as I am no longer a working journalist, but it’s a tax writeoff and I like tax writeoffs.

  2. caladri

    Dave Matthews :(

  3. chthonicsiren

    Oh god I know. I was in Starbucks yesterday and it was a special kind of torture.

  4. dmlaenker

    Ah, isn’t Temecula one of the impossible exurbs that died before it was born?

  5. seriesfinale

    “assholes with mandolins”

    Fantastic. Nearly as bad as Pricks with Stand-Up Bass.

    1. maps_or_guitars

      In my experience, as a category, the biggest asshole in a band can be swiftly identified by the fact that he is holding a saxophone. This is one reason I no longer play in bands with one.

      The biggest asshole I ever played with was a drummer, but the rest of the drummers were all such nice guys, I reckon that one was an anomaly.

  6. kafkateer

    this was perfect. i mean seriously i have buttonholed my husband and READ IT ALOUD to him. marvelous!


  7. thesquirrelfish
  8. kasheri

    I had a meal at Red Robin over the weekend. The music was so, so very hideous. Jessica Simpson or some other trollop squeaking “But Baby It’s Cold Outside” and more so. And who let “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time” get written and recorded? Were they deaf? Oh, the pain!

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