7 responses to “60 miles of track with a mad prophet behind me”

  1. satoribee

    love is stupid

    truer words were never spoken.

    thanks for transcribing your trip. felt a bit like i was there!

  2. travisd

    That’s a just a special kind of Crazy right there… For some reason the image of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” keeps popping into my mind… look and voice…

  3. annie_r

    crazy people may be operating with incorrect premises, but frequently the logic is impeccable. thank you for reporting :)

  4. Anonymous

    I can only imagine a conversation between this man and Bob Trout.

  5. dr_strych9


  6. sakkaranoush

    Fascinating! I agree: true and yet totally bonkers.

  7. threepunchstuff

    Sounds like Rorschach from Watchmen.

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