12 responses to “found LJ icon of the day”

  1. mrsgreer

    d/dx*int(f(x))dx = f(x)

    1. mrhinelander


      and int [f(x)dx] = ?

      It equals COUNT, goddammit.

  2. dr_strych9

    Γ ⊢ ν(α ∈ σ) M : τ & α ∉ ftv(τ)

    1. etb

      I don’t think that’s well-formed, not even in the ⊢WTF system.

      1. dr_strych9

        If it helps, ‘ftv’ is an abbreviation for “free type variable.”

        1. etb

          …and next you’ll be telling me that Γ is a set of typing assumptions, M is a term and τ is a type, but I don’t know what that & is doing in there.

          1. dr_strych9

            Yeah, that is one of the problems when you’re looking at that shit in a paper and trying to figure out how to translate it into Twelf.

        2. etb

          Anyway, I’m curious what type system that’s from; that’s a tough thing to Google (though I’m amused that I wrote one of the top hits for “ftv(τ)”).

          1. dr_strych9

            It’s in here somewhere.

  3. sooz

    cute galore.

    when i was a little person i used to think the count was related to us counters :P

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