12 responses to “Good morning.”

  1. mrhinelander




  2. switchstatement

    that would totally be my life if i had any friends.

  3. slackjawed

    I was talking with my wife recently about buying an amp and starting a metal band because I miss playing music. This cartoon pretty much sums up why I decided against it.

    1. maps_or_guitars

      I dunno. Depends on genre. My brand of bar-punkrock is actually sort of an old-punk thing. We don’t get a lot of kids at shows: mostly thirtysomething old faht vinyl collectors like us in the band.

  4. dr_strych9

    Hey, at least we came by our alienation by the old-fashioned traditional family values way— we inherited it. Pity those poor idiots who worked all their lives to obtain their alienation by the sweat of their own brow, without any hand up from anyone, and now look at where they are…

  5. besskeloid

    I’m gonna be one of those if I grow up.

  6. gordonzola

    hahahaha. If only it wasn’t so true!

  7. gths

    Oh god.

  8. alienhand

    true that

  9. nosrialleon

    But at least there’s a lot of us.

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