17 responses to “New ideas in restaurantation: oxtail mania!”

  1. maps_or_guitars

    Oxtailini – so, oxtail-infused gin served straight up with an oxtail twist?

  2. mordicai

    i am not a scaredy cat eater, but i’ve not worked up the guts to have oxtail on my own.

  3. brainflak

    I assume you’ll also be serving vegetarian oxtail made of seitan and balsa wood, yes?

  4. leahleaf


    “ox foam”

    funniest thing I have read in many days.

  5. Anonymous

    Not to mention a wheat-based Oxt-ale, or as we like to call it, Heiferweizen.

    1. besskeloid


  6. kasheri

    Ok, I’ve been to a farm, and I’ve smelled the aroma of oxtail smoke. Gotta say, not appetizing!

  7. stimps

    Haa! This reminds me of my Grandmother’s European trip diaries. She kept one for each visit they had, including what they did and where, what they ate, the things they bought and if they saw any shows or whatever.

    My Grandmother was never a comedian in the least… broken humour detector and all. However, this one year, they spent about 4 months travelling all over europe, and her writing style became unexpectedly funny. They were on a two week tour of spain, and her list of what they ate while on it was so close to what you wrote, it cracks me up. Oxtail Benedict for breakfasts, oxtail salad sandwiches for snacks, oxtail cioppino. =) You could tell she really hated it because she never tried to make it at home, which she often did when she came back from holidays, even if it wasn’t a dish she was crazy about.

  8. violet_fade

    you forgot oxtail ceviche and carpaccio.

  9. sakkaranoush

    Brunch on Sunday should feature oxmeal! hahahahaha

  10. tuliphead


  11. brianenigma

    Oxtail is good! Unfortunately, it reminds me too much of cat tails–I mean the ones from cats and not the ones that grow in marshes, and I mean in shape and structure, not in taste. I mean, well, maybe they taste the same, but I’ve been advised not to admit to knowing.

    You know you live in an interesting neighborhood when you can walk across the street and purchase a tail, a heart, and a liver. Oh, and live crabs. And fish balls. Yum.

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