9 responses to “The Coffeehouse Scene: Thank You For Not Smoking”

  1. fivetonsflax

    Isn’t Nature smoking enough for all of us?

  2. miss_geek

    you mean i’m coming home in december and i can’t smoke on the damn patio???

    i might have to stage a berkeley style protest in which whiny kids who aren’t aware of their own privilege complain about not having things that they don’t really want in the first place.

    are you with me???

    1. maps_or_guitars

      “What about the people who can’t have what I ain’t got? Are they victims of my leisure?”

  3. maps_or_guitars

    Makes me want to start smoking and fly out there just to fuck with the poor bastards.

  4. halfjack

    The only appropriate response is a big goddamned cigar.

  5. kasheri

    It makes me wonder if the owner is himself trying to quit smoking, because he’s obviously irritable and out of whack.

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