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  1. snuh

    You wrote for Creem? I *knew* you wrote rock somewhere. X is timeless, for those that aren’t aware of them, I couldn’t care less. They’re just as huge as Bob Dylan – I bet thirty years from now they’ll have fan base that would bring us to tears nowadays.

  2. mcbrennan

    all of new york is a towaway zone

    Somewhat tangential but maybe not excessively so:


    I’ve been downloading these all day. And listening. Happily. I thought you might enjoy them as well.

    1. nosrialleon

      Re: all of new york is a towaway zone


  3. kennfusion

    I have seen them twice. Once after accidently winning tickets to the More Fun in the New World show when I accidently drunk dialed KROQ (I think I have told you that story), and the 2nd time at Mouse of Blues with you.

    Coincidently, I was in a bar for my friend Adam’s birthday last weekend and they were playing X, DKs and Oingo Boingo type music. Was really cool to hear all that in NYC.

  4. nosrialleon

    I remember buying this record at Peer Records when it came out; I encountered this punk girl I knew from school as I did so who asked me if I was into punk now.

    Even then, I listened to whatever.

    X are one of my 4 or 5 ‘see every time they play’ bands. Excene has gotten sober in the last year or so, and the shows have just gotten better.

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