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  1. mrhinelander

    Recommend high mountains

    Re your earlier post on driving fast at night with the top down: as your attorney I recommend that you drive at night up the winding road to Mount Wilson. There you will find a crystal-clear vista of the Los Angeles basin. The warm Santa Ana winds will blow on your face and cause you to pray, or weep.

  2. von_doom

    Babylon sisters shake it
    Babylon sisters shake it
    So fine so young
    Tell me I’m the only one

    Here come those Santa Ana winds again

  3. handstil

    I know! I was thinking this morning “someone cleaned the windows,” and then I realized what was up.

  4. kasheri

    I always feel as though the world looks so unreal when the air becomes so clear and sharp. Then I realize why, and that makes me feel a little ripped off by the fact that smog is the norm.

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