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  1. daisyhunter

    We must have just missed you.

  2. eyeteeth

    You like girls who punch you, huh?

  3. chthonicsiren

    When girls punch you in the stomach it really means… they want to punch you in the stomach.

  4. loose_joints

    You could always mosey on up for a visit up here to the rainy! We have lots of rainy for your enjoyment. I was at one of the many local Trader Joe’s the other night and swore I saw you through the rain. But it wasn’t you, alas. It was the backwards talking dwarf or the one armed man. Or just dude who looked like you.

  5. kasheri

    You’re being punched a bit too much, my friend. At least kick the cat. (Kicking the girl could get you in trouble.)

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