8 responses to “Coworkers vs. LAPD: video”

  1. maps_or_guitars


    Well, I certainly didn’t expect our lovely Fascist state to crumble instantly Tuesday night, but that’s disheartening to see.

    Are your friends okay?

  2. odradak

    They really don’t fuck around down there, do they?

  3. scythrop

    Gut-wrenching and disgusting. What did they even do?? I can only find news mentions of a “clash” with law enforcement. That looks more like a smack-down to me.

  4. salome_st_john

    Oh my God.

    They really knocked him hard into that wall.

    That whole thing… trying to breathe now.

    1. dr_strych9

      I can’t tell. Did they taser the guy in the shorts?

  5. drieuxster

    Remind me again, how happy we are to live free???

    No seriously, clearly when people are allowed to dissent against the mandates of the divine will, then the please clearly have a biblical right to slay the unbelievers.

    So you really should feel happy.

    There are places, where the troop carriers show up, and one does not get the luxury of mere police, “policing up the area”.

    The silly question is: “and when do the trials begin?”

  6. nightynight


    That is one of the most upsetting things I’ve ever seen. Jesus fucking Christ.


    I mean for fuck’s sake I might as well believe that OJ Simpson is an innocent man when one sees…just shit like that.

  7. autodidactic

    You remember that line in Blade Runner, where Bryant goes, “You know the score, pal! When you’re not a cop, you’re little people!”

    Yeah, that. Got an entire week full of it during the RNC.

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