13 responses to “In which two of my coworkers protest Prop 8 and fall afoul of the LAPD”

  1. drieuxster

    how ever can you doubt…

    Clearly in LA, the Police are your friends….

    If these alleged persons need to be purged for reasons of national security, then clearly you should be able to make inquiries with the department of homeland security about starting over again in the New Economic Prosperity Zones….

  2. jpeace

    I watched the protest on a helicopter feed. It was pretty dramatic and I wish I was there.

    Great shoes all around, if I may.

  3. handstil

    We had a protest walk here today. Since you were in Los Angeles, it was just Owen and I.

  4. jamie_miller

    Wow. They are actually wearing jackboots.

    1. torgo_x


      I have seen this only erratically and from afar,
      but: LAPD uniforms and gear only get more menacing every
      year. (Psychological factors… oh don’t get me started.)

      The greatest consolation is that the uniforms
      are, as far as I can tell, always black, and therefore
      nearly lethal in the 7-month long LA “summers”.

  5. anaisdjuna

    Hmmm… running afoul of LAPD does not sound like the makings of a good experience. Hope your friends are alright and that they recover from what is surely a violent trauma both emotional and probably physical. They are brave to be out there on the frontlines protesting and I thank them for that. They are the real troops who deserve our respect and care.

  6. all_unnecessary

    Gah, I’m sorry that happened to them. I hope they’re not too badly hurt. Tell them there’s an ex-Mormon out there who’s proud of them for speaking out.

  7. elserracho

    this is the new center left america? what happened to the change(tm)?

    1. drieuxster

      it is patent pending…

      and will be released only when all of the underlying Intellectual Property Rights have been settled in small claims court.

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